Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Even though I posted a blog last Friday, I totally forgot to write about what makes a good blog.
I makes this kind of mistake all the time. While I am doing something, I usually forget to do other things I have to do.
anyway.. what makes a good blog?
First of all, I think I myself need to enjoy posting a blog every week.
It is not a big assignment which will be graded. The purpose of this blog is writing about my daily life, communicating with people, and encouraging other people.
Even few weeks ago, I was bothered to write a blog, but now I am enjoying posting my blog and also reading other people's blogs.
Also, we all need to honest writing blogs. If nothing special happened that week, we can just write about other things such as movies...music..holiday... anything.
One other thing I thought important is commenting on others' blogs, so that people can know that someone's reading their blogs.

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