Sunday, December 9, 2007

speech project

It is amazing how much we have learned in only four months. When I practiced my speech in front of my friends who don’t know anything about Japanese, they told me I am pretty fluent in Japanese. That really made me feel proud of myself although I memorized word by word just for the speech. For the first two months I took this course, I always complained about how much work I had to do everyday, however, looking back, I realized all the time I spent doing homework, practicing in the language lab, and studying for vocab and grammars is really worthy and valuable. I really had a lot of fun learning Japanese this semester and cannot wait to continue learning Japanese next semester.

I think the speech was really helpful in the way organizing my thoughts in Japanese. It was also a good chance to see how much everyone learned because we all tried to use many words and grammars we learned so far. In addition, peer revising was really helpful for me to learn what kinds of mistakes I make the most. My group members not only corrected my grammar mistakes but also told me how I can improve my speech. That really helped me a lot. Also, as I read other people’s speech, I learned some sentence structures I hadn’t used at all. I liked our speech project a lot.

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Vivien Shum said...

hey, u did really well on ur speech~ it was really fun to work with u on the last skit~ can't wait to take this class with u again in next semester!!!! ^^